Biological changes occur naturally across our local landscapes. Assemblages: Little Windy Hill explores the heightening of human activity from the start of the industrial revolution (1750) to the present – otherwise referred to as the Anthropocene. Plastics are considered to be the visible start of the Anthropocene and their many applications have proven to be extremely versatile and valuable. Assemblages, created out of acrylic polymer (plastics), acknowledges such natural changes and explores instances brought on by human intervention, which can further accelerate change.

Assemblages: Little Windy Hill is a visual celebration of Wyoming’s natural beauty. It is a reconstruction of Wyoming’s natural landscape, created as a multi-panel environmental vignette. By parsing its natural landscape, I want viewers to see numerous natural elements individually and all at once. The final panel is a black and white photograph of this scene, Little Windy Hill, Wyoming, in the Medicine Bow mountain range. The closest panel is inscribed with the geographic latitude and longitude coordinates of Little Windy Hill, Wyoming. Assemblages is framed in solid North American Poplar. 


Assemblages, 2017.Image by Wes Magyar.

Assemblages, 2017. Image by Wes Magyar.

GREEN RIVER, UT, 38.9956° N, 110.1596° W [OBSERVATION II]