Love’s Prophecy

Love’s Prophecy is a small grouping of objects, deconstructed and dispelling responses to “play” as a mode of critical exploration. Insect species are laser cut as 2-dimensional interlocking wooden pieces, with specific etched patterns of circuit boards, microchips, digital networks, and natural elements including trees, mountains and clouds. Together users mix, match and construct new species of insects – without recognition of the species’ true biological form – creating new-mediated species.

Accompanying laser cut species is an interactive video projection, developed in Max MSP, allowing users to further control their “play” experience. The participant-controlled projection and accompanying GUI (graphical user interface) allows each participant to explore saturation, contrast and brightness of conflicting visual data of LGBTQA+ marriage law and ban data of 2005-2015, against interracial marriage law and ban data of the 1960s, in the U.S.

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