Open Mouths

As chimeras interweave elements of different species, Open Mouths this series encourages discussion of sexual relationships across the spectrum of contemporary society. In mainstream and GLBTQ (e.g. gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.) communities, the types of partners that any person may seek out, varies tremendously, allowing for cruising to take on a larger-than-life persona.


In heterosexual culture, cruising can results in crude catcalling and awkward sexual advances, often forcing unsettling and one-sided exchanges. Across gay culture, cruising is regularly considered an opportunity for sexual encounters.

A popular phenomenon in heterosexual culture is the Cougar: an older, usually divorced woman, seeking a much younger sexual partner. ‘Cougar on the Prowl’ is modeled with the head of a cougar and the body of a seductive woman. ‘Cluck, Cluck, Fuck’ is a character with the head of a hawk and the body of an elderly man, commenting on the gay trend of a Chicken Hawk (older men) soliciting vulnerable, younger men.

Open Mouths uses ultra-sonic sensors, detecting proximity to each chimera, triggering unexpected and crude catcalls, often soliciting a sexual partner with a complimentary yet sexual advance. Data loggers measure the time of which any person interacts with their confronting character, providing feedback about accuracy of these sexual stereotypes.  

Framing such moments in time, these characters take on the popular roles or stereotypes within specific communities. The purpose behind the Open Mouths­­ series, is to use stereotypical behaviors to explore the ways in which sexual advances can ‘make or break’ sexual possibilities, given cultural standards and individual recipient responses.