Translocation series, 2018-19

Translocation explores moments experienced and captured on the natural landscape through high-resolution UAV (drone) cameras. Images and video are re-imagined through video sound design, creative coding, sculpture, and augmented and mixed reality. I am interpreting the human experience as it relates to, influences and occurs in the natural world.


Perception is a driving force of this work. I believe that through our actions, we ultimately alter and lose perspective of the natural world, replacing it with simulacra or altered narratives that are incompatible with its true natural aesthetic. The act of digitally-manipulating moments in time and place augment and ensure temporality of the documented natural world, altering its existence without recognition of its original natural state. This series of images explores ideas of how we perceive our surrounding world whilst losing sight of its inherent beauty and value.

Each frame, sequence, interaction and image is a window into our witnessing and perception of the natural world – its origin, its story, and its future – creating a blur across time, person and place. Such distorted views may also be analogized to our digitally driven and augmented perceptions of ourselves, our culture, ideas of community, and our reliance on technology.